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Joanna Kadish Joanna Kadish

Other Writing

Zero Evidence

Juked Literary Magazine, 2020

The gambler in all of us clings to the idea that either fate or the gods are smiling down on us, but, as this essay reveals, for most people, this is only an illusion.

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Crack the Spine Literary Magazine, 2020

Fiction centering on a conversation between multiple generations of a family around the dinner table.

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The Sky Stopped Breathing

Adelaide Literary Award Anthology, 2019

After winning the Adelaide Literary Award for this essay, it was published in the 2019 Adelaide Literary Award Anthology.

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Anatomy of a Firefighter

Potato Soup Journal, August 2019

Fiction about my brothers and I growing up in the Southern California and our fascination with starting and putting out fires in the Sonoran Desert.

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Calamity Jane

Riverfeet Press, August 2019

My story "Calamity Jane" can be found in the anthology by Riverfeet Press titled "Awake in the World, V.2," a collection of stories, essays, and poems about wildlife, adventure and the environment from over forty authors from the US and abroad. In the words of Sean Prentiss, author: "It takes us beyond location and into the heart of the land and sea, into the heart of the human experiencing the land through fishing, free diving, and bronco riding, but also through climate change, habitat loss, and overpopulation."

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Ice Dunking

Catamaran Literary Reader, May 2019

Essay on meeting up with a shark and the drama that unfolded.

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Breastfeeding Blues

Adelaide Literary Magazine, June 2019

Essay about breastfeeding my firstborn about the time my father learned he was dying from cancer, and the link between these events.

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The Hick and His Wife

Quail Bell, April 2016

Fiction about meeting another couple to see if there is a chance of a partner swap.

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Cultured Vultures, November 2015

An essay about my sorrow that my father died before my sons were able to remember him.

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The Citron Review, September 2015

Fiction about a woman my husband knew having established a spiritual connection, and I thought they were having an affair.

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Zulily: Not Exactly Child's Play

Seattle Business Magazine, April 2015

A nonfiction story written in a journalistic style about a website selling clothing, footwear, toys, and home products created by emerging designers, as well as some established ones for lower prices than found elsewhere. And doing well competing with Amazon, the behemoth online retailer also headquartered in Seattle.

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Logophile Magazine

This is a fiction based on a true story about a teenager who draws graffiti on a building for which he is arrested and charged with a crime. And because he is 18 years old he is tried as an adult. It's the story of a rude awakening, a sheltered kid learns the hard way that the justice system in the U.S is ruthless and without mercy.

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