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Joanna Kadish Joanna Kadish


Charting a Marriage

Charting a Marriage

Charting a Marriage is the story of a married couple with two children who live in a dream house on the New Jersey Shore and turn to swapping partners, thinking it's the modern way to combat sexual boredom, the perfect solution to cheating. This story is about what happens after the sex, and they have to go back to their lives as parents and in the community. Duality is a constant theme and delves into the intersectionality between sex and love, religion and societal norms causing fractures along the resulting fault lines. Discovery by their twin boys is a constant threat. They find that their marriage suffers and it's up to the wife to make it whole again. She faces a daunting task, and has to contend with his jealousy and her discovery that men find her more desirable than she realized.



"Joanna Kadish's Charting a Marriage is an interesting timepiece of a novel that sensitively considers the nuances of swinging, desire, and the natural complexity of married life."
   —Indie Reader (read the full review)

"Charting a Marriage is a must-read for couples and any other reader with the urge for something refreshing."
   —Trevor Otieno for Readers' Favorite (read the full review)